North America’s best: Orlando FL, What to see?

The United States of America is a great country with the latest technological advances, the most beautiful landscapes, awesome cities full of life and more, it is a tourist destination that everyone want and must visit, and they know it, in that country its people know that tourism is a good business and have created many attractions to get so many tourists as possible, for that reason we can find anything a tourist could desire in there, every tourist will enjoy traveling to USA regardless of what kind of adventure they need, there is something to everybody.

Orlando the touristic city by excellence

One of the best places to visit in USA is the great city of Orlando, this city is located in central area of Florida a sunny state located in the southern of the country. Florida is a wonderful state with lovely beaches, is a very popular tourist destination among Americans and people from the whole world, it also has excellent services, like towing for example, you can rent a car or use one of your own trusting in good road services.


Orlando is an spectacular city ideal for tourism, you surely will love to visit, it has everything, for everyone, families, single persons, couples groups, all can find enjoy the numerous attractions it has to offer, this state has its economy based in tourism so they take care of the business very well, the amenities and the subtropical climate make it an ideal destination.

What to visit in Orlando

Eco-tourism: you can really enjoy the amazing Orlando Air-boat Tours with stunning views, this city had beautiful parks that will give you a charming experience, including the Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve, you also will be able to do some water activities in beautiful clear waters

Sports: there are something for sports lovers too, in Orlando you can find the United States Tennis Association National Campus, the NFL Pro Bowl, golf courses and tournaments, among many other interesting things.

Theme Parks: the most famous and exciting theme parks are in Orlando, in fact some people call it “the Theme Park Capital of the World”, in this city you can find:

  • Walt Disney World Resort, which contains: Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Animal Kingdom and the water parks: Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.
  • Universal Orlando: it contains: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the Universal Studies Florida, The Universal Island of Adventure and more.

In this awesome city you can also enjoy historical places, beautiful museums and even the iconic Orlando Eye, a Ferris wheel counterpart of London Eye, now sponsored by Coca-cola with new features.

Looking for an adventure in Illinois? Get to these places!

United States of America is a great and large country, it has all the latest amenities, a rich culture pre and post colonization, different kind of climate, many stunning landscapes, the most modern metropolis, a lot of tourist attractions and much more, it doesn’t matter what do you hear about USA, many people love this country and much people hate it, but it really worth the visit.


Each state of  USA has its own charming style, and the State of Illinois is not the exception, this state is the fifth populated state of this country and is located in the Midwestern region, is a very beautiful state, with amazing landscapes, the great and famous city of Chicago, an interesting history, and more, it has a very interesting continental climate with four seasons, warm summers, cold winters and a relatively unstable weather.


What to visit in Illinois if you’re looking for an adventure


This state has many tourist places, beautiful landscapes, a lot of historic places and museums, take in count that its slogan is “The Land of Lincoln”, sometimes an unpredictable weather, a wonderful great city full of life and lights like Chicago, it is a state to spend days visiting all it has to offer, but if you’re looking for adventure, you cannot miss this places:


Legacy Adventure Park, this is a huge park full of adventure, it has 66 acres with forests and lakes, you can play paintball, laser tag, archery tag, visit the haunted mansion and go to a hunt for treasures or zombies, all of that with a high quality scenery.


In the stunning Shawnee National Forest we can find the Garden of the Gods, an amazing place for hiking among spectacular and dramatic rock formations, you will surely love this wonderful place while you live an adventure.


In the Shawnee National Forest we also can live an adventure in the highs, enjoy the Shawnee Bluffs Canopy Tour, if you’re not afraid of highs you will love the combination of beauty and adrenaline adventure up on the trees.


Pere Marquette State Park, this large park, full of beauty, offers you the possibility of practice hiking, sail on boats and fish, ride on a horse, live a beautiful adventure while you enjoy the stunning view.


Starved Rock State Park, best place for hiking! Enjoy its 15 miles of hiking trails, you will see amazing canyons, seasonal waterfall and much more.


Chicago River, enjoy this beautiful river on a kayak, it has an amazing view that you will love.


City of Chicago, this city has parks, museums, nightlife and places to enjoy with all the family, too much to see there, you definitely cannot miss it.


So in your next trip to USA don’t forget to visit the amazing state of Illinois and live a great adventure you will always remember.

Places to visit in Oregon! You can’t miss them!

Oregon, a beautiful coastal State, has a perfect balance between avant-garde culture and natural areas of incomparable beauty. If you plan on visiting The Beaver State and find out why is it called like that, then keep reading and find the places you wouldn’t want to miss.

You might want to start with its capital, Salem. Salem might ring a bell in your mind as many people remember or have read about the Salem’s witch trials back in the colonial era, but don’t fear, that happened at the other coast in Massachusetts. Salem, Oregon is known as the Cherry City, because it’s home to one of the biggest cherry-growing industries all over the country. Also, it hosts the Cherry fair where the voting for a Cherry Queenand and some other events of the Oregon State fair take place.

Don’t miss the chance to see the Mission Mill Museum, the Elsinore Theatre or the interactive children museum known as the AC Gilbert’s Discovery Village.

Now, in the Klamath County, there’s a place you’ve got to see no matter what, the Crater Lake National Park. It is one of the oldest National Parks established in American History. The geographic conditions make the lake count with long term seasons having a winter that goes from June through February and have incredibly beautiful snowy landscapes. The color of the water is beyond imagination as it has a deep blue tone given by the great depth of the lake; in fact, the Crater Lake is the deepest of the United States and one of the deepest in the whole world. The National park also has some other features such as the Union Peak, the Pinnacles and The Pumice Desert.

Another incredible tourist attraction that has gained the heart of incredible amounts of people around the world is the Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach. This geologic formation made of lava millions of years ago is home to a diverse amount of bird life. There are some tufted puffins that will make your visit more adorable and funny. Even whe the gigantic roc is a little far from shore, you can walk to it when there are low tides in order to see some sea stars.

Also, Oregon has a piece of China in its most populated city: the Lan Su Chinese Garden. This place is not just an incredible showcase of Eastern Asia architecture; it is filled with events that go from learning how to play Mahjong to some origami workshops intended to the whole family and many other cultural performances. Our trip can end in a Wine-Tasting Tour in Portland. This city has some of the most recognized wineries and wine bars which count with their own taste room. You can start with the Boedecker Cellars, pass by the Portland Wine Bar and finish at the Urban Crush Winery. But don’t get to tipsy; there are more things to do in this awesome city and the whole state. Keep researching and have a great trip!


Indiana, the best places to visit

Indiana is more than just a great state delimited by the Wabash and Ohio River that hosts an incredible race that takes place every year in its capital. Even when it’s not the first thing that comes to mind to foreign or domestic tourists when it comes to exploring the United States, there are plenty of places and activities that might catch your eye. So if you’re planning a trip to Indiana, don’t miss these amazing activities.

You might want to start your trip on the southern part of the state stepping on some towns like Jeffersonville, New Albany or Starlight to see a great blend between history and modernity. The Charlestown State Park will let you learn about the antique Indiana Army; you can as well pass through the Big 4 Bridge and be amazed by the lights that embellish this structure that once worked as a railroad. Also there are many natural wonders that you can find like the Falls of the Ohio State Park where you can see fossils as you walk or the Indiana Caverns with its mesmerizing boat tours.

Next up, there’s an amazing town that goes by the name of Bloomington. This city is the home of the Indiana University. The gates of the campus lead you to an avenue full of vintage bars and some restaurants with the farm to table dynamic. Also, you might want to walk through the university campus and be delighted by the Indiana University Art Museum and the Lilly Library that hosts incredible pieces such as the Iam Fleming’s manuscripts of James Bond.

Other curious attraction with the name of other state but located in Indiana is the Lake Michigan. Located at the north of the state, the lakeshore offers you a chance to suit up in a swimsuit and bathe on the Lake Michigan waters. Also, some hiking shoes might come useful if you’re going to enjoy a hiking trail in the Indiana Dunes State Park. The combination of dunes and the nearby river makes of this area one of the most diverse of the Union when it comes to flora and fauna. Also, close to the park you can encounter with tows such as Valparaiso and Chesterton that are well known for their amazing restaurants and comfortable places to stay.

The trip might come to a fantastic end in the capital, Indianapolis. The first stop you’ve got to make is at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, even more if you’re traveling with kids; incredible exhibits such as “Take me there” or “Heroic Children” will leave you speechless. If you love sports, a one hour tour through the field, lockers and press room of the Indianapolis Colts stadium is a must. Last, but not least, head to downtown and see the Monument Circle and its nearby museums to learn about the history of the state.

There are many more things in Indiana waiting to be discovered by you on your next vacation. Get ready and visit Indiana.