What To Visit In Illinois

Looking for an adventure in Illinois? Get to these places!

United States of America is a great and large country, it has all the latest amenities, a rich culture pre and post colonization, different kind of climate, many stunning landscapes, the most modern metropolis, a lot of tourist attractions and much more, it doesn’t matter what do you hear about USA, many people love this country and much people hate it, but it really worth the visit.


Each state of  USA has its own charming style, and the State of Illinois is not the exception, this state is the fifth populated state of this country and is located in the Midwestern region, is a very beautiful state, with amazing landscapes, the great and famous city of Chicago, an interesting history, and more, it has a very interesting continental climate with four seasons, warm summers, cold winters and a relatively unstable weather.


What to visit in Illinois if you’re looking for an adventure


This state has many tourist places, beautiful landscapes, a lot of historic places and museums, take in count that its slogan is “The Land of Lincoln”, sometimes an unpredictable weather, a wonderful great city full of life and lights like Chicago, it is a state to spend days visiting all it has to offer, but if you’re looking for adventure, you cannot miss this places:


Legacy Adventure Park, this is a huge park full of adventure, it has 66 acres with forests and lakes, you can play paintball, laser tag, archery tag, visit the haunted mansion and go to a hunt for treasures or zombies, all of that with a high quality scenery.


In the stunning Shawnee National Forest we can find the Garden of the Gods, an amazing place for hiking among spectacular and dramatic rock formations, you will surely love this wonderful place while you live an adventure.


In the Shawnee National Forest we also can live an adventure in the highs, enjoy the Shawnee Bluffs Canopy Tour, if you’re not afraid of highs you will love the combination of beauty and adrenaline adventure up on the trees.


Pere Marquette State Park, this large park, full of beauty, offers you the possibility of practice hiking, sail on boats and fish, ride on a horse, live a beautiful adventure while you enjoy the stunning view.


Starved Rock State Park, best place for hiking! Enjoy its 15 miles of hiking trails, you will see amazing canyons, seasonal waterfall and much more.


Chicago River, enjoy this beautiful river on a kayak, it has an amazing view that you will love.


City of Chicago, this city has parks, museums, nightlife and places to enjoy with all the family, too much to see there, you definitely cannot miss it.


So in your next trip to USA don’t forget to visit the amazing state of Illinois and live a great adventure you will always remember.