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Rhinoplasty is cosmetic and respiratory surgery of the nose. The intervention makes it possible to correct a bump, a deviation, an aspect that is too long, a drooping point. It also improves breathing by treating the septum of the nose. It is then a rhino-septoplasty.

Rhinoplasty being performed on patientCosmetic nose surgery corrects the defects that appeared with growth in adolescence. It can also correct a deformity caused by facial trauma.

Indeed, the deformations of the nose can be the origin of very important complexes. For example, a too long or curved nose with a “masculine” aspect will be very badly supported in a young girl. A deviated or irregular nose will create complexes in humans.

My Philosophy: The Natural Harmony Of The Nose With The Face

For a successful rhinoplasty, the surgeon must exercise his artistic sense. Dr. Kim Patrick Murray is among the best rhinoplasty doctors in Miami-Dade county. The patient will feel this aesthetic touch from the digital simulation on photo in consultation. At the same time, the surgeon must master the latest techniques in specialized micro surgery. We will detail further on: Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, preservation rhinoplasty, micro cartilage grafts.

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Otolaryngologist, I have been specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the nose for about ten years. I see this intervention as a successful encounter between the best techniques of cosmetic surgery and ENT surgery.

My Conception Of Rhinoplasty: Improve And Harmonize Without Transforming

Indeed, a successful rhinoplasty is an improvement of the harmony of the nose and the face, and not a “transformation”. The priority is to recognize yourself after the intervention. So each patient must either find themselves and say to themselves: “it’s me better”.

My approach to cosmetic nose surgery is based on a personalized analysis of each patient’s case. A special relationship is established with each person who entrusts me with their nose and face for rhinoplasty. In the operating room, the operation ends when the result is as “perfect” as possible. Only when the aspect is closest to photo simulations.

Dr. Kim Partrick Murray specialized during his career to help patients achieve repair and harmony of the body. The double specialization provides the necessary expertise to understand Aesthetic Medicine and help patients achieve their goal of beauty. Learn more about his practice here:

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